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We believe that our strong and diverse leadership team has been crucial to our success.


Leadership Team

  Andrew Kennedy
Managing Director

"After many years in the industry I am excited to lead a company that is genuinely equipped to service our partners and customers entire commmunications needs; across managed networks, IP phone systems, cyber security and mobility."

  Michael Hall
Sales Director - Sydney

"The most exciting part for me is explaining to customers that we bring together all Tier 1 carriers and IT specialists. We can then work together to build the right solution for each business across their internet, phones, mobiles and tablets."

  Nick Kennedy
GM - Product & Technology

"My core focus is to help organisations access technology to their business advantage. My approach is simply to listen; so that I can provide the best solution to meet our client's financial, strategic and operational needs."

  Iwan Surjadi
Financial Controller

"What I love about my job is being part of a company with a strong leadership group and a strong vision for future growth."

  Lisa Libroaperto
Senior Business Consultant

"ICT is the fastest growing industry in Australia. Many small and medium businesses today have an even greater reliance on mobile, data connectivity, cloud services and cyber security than before."

  Allan Pearce
Sales Director - Partners

"We provide a genuine turn key solution for our partners, enabling them to offer the best Tier 1 ICT and mobility products and give their customers enterprise grade reliability for a fraction of the price."

  Halle Zohab
Project Co-Ordinator

"What I love about my job is helping customers. Every day we get questions from our customers and the empowering part of what I do is that I am able to meaningfully assist them and create a great customer experience."

  Joel Kennedy
Brand Communications Manager

"It's an exciting time for small and medium businesses. IP telephony and hosted phone solutions have profoundly enhanced the way that businesses communicate; without the need to invest thousands into infrastructure or hardware."

  Eltino Yermias
Sales Director - Melbourne

"Now days advanced communications features can be installed and self-managed by users with limited I.T skills. It’s easy for SMB's to work remotely, making and receiving calls from anywhere in the world on any device."

  Alessia Di Bari

"I love the opportunity to network with businesses Australia wide. I feel empowered to assist all businesses; whether they are cutting costs or implementing new technologies to create efficiencies in the way they communicate."


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