Meet our Next Generation Network; the most connected network in Australia with direct connections to the UK, USA, Europe, Japan, NZ, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Unlimited NBN
We provide unlimited data over NBN. See below to learn more.
  Threat Protection
Our network automatically detects and stops attacks.
  Highly Redundant

Real Time Insights
Access utilisation graphs of your network in real time.
  Carrier Diverse
Lower contention and dedicated bandwidth Australia wide.
  Seriously Connected
Get what you need faster. Our network connects to more than 2,000 global content providers.


Get Unlimited Data on NBN

Our network is the most peered network in Australia. That means a reliable, fast internet connections for our customers. It also means we can offer unlimited download limits over the NBN.

While other networks need to direct data traffic through multiple different networks to get to where it needs to go, our network establishes a direct, one-to-one connection with content providers. The result is that many of our competitors cannot handle ever-growing data traffic demands and instead need to cap usage with download limits. Our network can handle the traffic.


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