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General Questions

What is hosted PBX?
A PBX, or private branch exchange, is an office phone system that provides your business with features like call transfer, call hold, call park, auto-attendant and voicemail-to-email. A hosted service means that we host the phone system in our Australian data centres, so you do not need to buy an expensive on-premise PBX.

How does hosted PBX work?
Hosted PBX is based on voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP), a method by which voice is digitized and transmitted in digital packets rather than using traditional copper phone lines on the public telephone network. Every VoIP phone has a unique IP address. When a phone number is dialed, the hosted PBX switch looks up the IP address and delivers the call to the VoIP phone.

What are the benefits of hosted PBX?
A hosted PBX provides enhanced features, cost savings, easy installation and onshore management, maintenance and support. The solution is perfect for multi-site businesses, providing hassle-free portability and free calls between sites. Plus, by moving to an operational, rather than capital expense model you can help your business cash flow and seamlessly scale up your system as your business grows. 

What is the call quality like?
Voice-over-IP call quality depends on your provider, the Quality of Service (QOS) provided and your internet speed. If you tick all three of these boxes, then call quality is far superior to that of traditional telephony. Without the proper set-up, issues such as latency, call drop outs and below average call quality can impact performance.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers? 
Yes. We can port (transfer) your existing numbers from your current provider.

  Can I keep my existing internet service?
Yes. We do not require that you purchase a dedicated internet service from us. We will perform pre-installation testing to ensure we can deliver high voice quality over any internet service provider.

How much internet bandwidth do I need? 
We recommend approximately 100KBPS for each concurrent phone call, using the highest voice quality codec G711. An ADSL connection can typically handle up to five concurrent calls. To ensure high voice quality in all traffic conditions, we recommend installing a router that prioritises voice traffic over data and prevents data traffic from degrading call quality.

What happens if my internet goes down?
Our solutions provide full redundancy with an auto-failover service to a mobile and/or landline number.

What is SIP?
SIP is the acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, a voice-over-IP protocol standard. It has been widely adopted as the preferred industry standard by phone and switch manufacturers and is used by Business ICT Australia.

Do I own the handsets at the end of the contract?
It’s up to you. Handsets can either be purchased upfront (inclusive of a standard 12-month warranty) or rented. If rented, handsets will be warrantied for the initial term of the contract. At the end of the term you can choose to continue renting the handsets, however the warranty period will no longer apply.


Products & Services

Can I use my existing voice-over-IP handsets? 
Yes. Our platform will work with a wide variety of SIP-compliant handsets; however, we do not provide support for auto configuration, manual configuration or any operational issues encountered with these devices.

Do I need to purchase any extra equipment beyond the phone system? 
Probably not. However, there are some minimum requirements that your existing equipment must meet. These criteria are set out in full in our Deployment Guide. As a first step, you will need to check your current routers and ensure they offer Qualify of Service (QoS).

Can I use my mobile phone number as an extension on the network? 
Yes. We call this an off-network extension and it allows you to dial an extension to reach the user’s mobile phone. The user can also transfer calls back to the PBX. Additionally, if the user has a voice-over-IP desk phone, calls can be set to ring at both the desk phone and the user’s mobile concurrently. 

Do you have Voicemail-to-Email? 
Yes. In addition to retrieving voicemail from your phone or by dialing into a voicemail number, voicemail messages are delivered as .WAV audio file attachments to your email, at no additional charge. By clicking on the file, you can listen to the message with your computer speakers.

Do you provide a Fax-to-Email service? 
Yes – for inbound fax only. Faxes will be delivered to your email account as PDF attachments. Voice-over-IP protocol encounters some challenges with traditional fax services. If you send a lot of outbound faxes we recommend you retain a copper phone line in your business.

  Do you offer hunt groups? 
Yes, we offer hunt groups at no additional charge. A hunt group can ring a group of phones on a sequential or simultaneous basis.

Do you offer 1300/1800 numbers? 
Yes.  Our inbound services allow you to combine all your services onto a single bill and make it easy for customers to contact you on a single number, anywhere in Australia.

Do you have an option for call recording? 
Yes. Call recording can easily be added to one or more of your handsets. Recordings are stored in our secure Australian data centres for 90 days and accessed via our online portal.

Can I customise the settings on the handsets? 
Yes. Settings such as ring volume, time and date and background images are easily customisable on each device.

Can I change music on hold or auto attendant greetings? 
Yes. Business ICT Australia will add your custom on-hold music or auto attendant greetings during installation free of charge. You will be able to keep the audio files from your old PBX if you wish. We also provide generic royalty-free on-hold music and we offer a professional recording service, if needed.

Can I scale the phone system as my business grows? 
Yes. A key benefit of a hosted solution is its ability to scale easily to a virtually unlimited number of users.


Support & Maintenance

If I have a technical issue who can I call?
For all technical enquiries please call our tech support hotline on 1300 328 016 (option 2).

If I need support after hours who can I call?
For after hours support please call 1300 328 018.

Do you provide insurance?
Our hardware is covered by manufacturer’s warranty for the life of the contract and we will replace all faulty or defective handsets.

  What uptime guarantees do you provide?
We do not provide an uptime guarantee. However, our hosted PBX platform is a carrier diverse solution hosted in Australia’s premier data centres NextDC and Equinix. Dual points of presence across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane provide full redundancy. Check out our network for more details.


Do you offer professional installation?
We offer a professional installation service as well as a ‘plug and play’ option for those who wish to self-install.

How long will it take for my system to be up-and running?
It depends. For a phone system running over an existing data link it is typically 20 business days. If a new internet service is being installed or finance needs to be approved this can extend the process.

I have a firewall. Will this affect anything?
No. Our Deployment Guide outlines the recommended settings for your firewall to ensure best performance.

  Will my existing phone service be interrupted during set up?
No. Your new phone system will be installed and tested prior to switching off your existing set up. If you are porting numbers from another provider, we will work with you to arrange a suitable time during business hours to complete the switch. During this process users may experience a temporary outage for inbound calls of 5 minutes to 2 hours.

What should I do with my current (old) phone system?
It’s up to you. Business ICT Australia does not currently offer a trade in service for old handsets.


Billing & Finance

What payment options are available?
Our preferred payment method is direct debit. You can also pay your bill monthly by credit card.

When do I get billed?
Billing is one month in advance.

Where do my bills get sent?
Your bills are delivered via email. You can also elect to receive paper invoices at a cost of $2 per invoice.

Where can I find my usage information?
Please call our billing support team on 1300 328 016 (option 2) or email us. An online billing platform for customers is launching soon.

How are excess charges billed?
If you aren’t on unlimited you will receive a warning if your usage is set to exceed your monthly limits. Our customer service team will call you to discuss any excess charges on your bill and explore a more suitable rate plan for your business.

  How are my call charges calculated?
We use per second billing, rounded to the nearest cent.

If I have a question or issue relating to my bill who can I call?
For all billing enquiries please call our billing support team on 1300 328 016 (option 2) or send us an email

What if I need to cancel my service?
Please call Customer Service on 1300 328 016 to discuss a suitable option.

Is finance available?
Yes. Speak to your account manager to find a suitable option for your business.



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