First Call Resolution


We are an industry leader for customer service, providing 24/7 premium support designed for small and medium business, including first call resolution, dedicated billing support and 24/7 fault logging.


A Game Changing Customer Experience

Our customer service performance is driven by our commitment to providing ongoing training and upskilling for all staff. The increased capability, knowledge and confidence of our team empowers them to deliver your business a game changing customer experience.

  High Grade of Service
We answer 96.4% of all customer calls in under 90 seconds.
  Market Leading Customer Satisfaction
Our Net Promoter Score is +46. The industry average is +1.
  Fast Email Response
Our customer service team has an average response time to emails under one hour.
  88% Customer Approval Rating
We survey our customers about our service. The results speak for themselves.
We use Salesforce. It's our unfair advantage - and it's yours too.


Easy Onboarding

Switching to Business ICT Australia is easy. We will guide you through every step of the way before, during and after set-up of your new services, providing regular updates as your order progresses. 

  1 / Welcome Call 
You’ll receive a welcome call and email from our onboarding team.
  2 / Provisioning
Your order is allocated to one of our provisioning experts.
  3 / Configuration
Our technicians configure your devices as required.


  4 / Speedy Delivery
Your hardware orders are delivered.
  5 / Installation
Professional install and 'plug and play' available.
  6 / Porting
Your existing phone numbers are ported (if required).


  7 / End User Support
Need help? Our support team is available 24/7.
  8 / Billing Support
Our billing support team will call you every six months.
  9 / Ongoing Support
Your local consultant provides ongoing support and analysis.


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