Cyber Security


Cisco Meraki’s MX security appliances provide comprehensive networking and security in a single device.


Take Control of Your Network

Most businesses have limited or no visibility about what goes on in their network.

For example, if a staff member connects their iPhone to the office Wifi it will sync photos automatically to iCloud - which slows down network traffic being used for legitimate business activities. Do you know what goes on in your network? Do you know what websites your staff visit, how much time they spend on social media, YouTube, or listening to Spotify/iTunes?

Cisco Meraki gives your business visibility to see what is really going on and provides you with the tools to allow, block or prioritise traffic on your network. Everything can be managed from a centralized dashboard, allowing you to synchronize security settings across different sites.


Security That's Always Up to Date

Every year in Australia there are more than 50,000 instances of reported cybercrime. Almost half of those attacks targeted at small and medium businesses. Furthermore, almost a quarter of businesses targeted by ransomware attacks (where the attacker demands money to cease the attack) are so affected that they can no longer continue to operate.

Using a managed firewall ensures your business has access to the latest firmware and updates, managed by our team of IT professionals.


Key Features Out of the Box

4G Redundancy with Auto Failover
The only way to mitigate the impacts of faults is to plan for them via redundancy. Cisco Meraki provides your business 4G redundancy at an affordable price point, ensuring connectivity, appliance availability, and seamless failover.

Next Generation Firewall
Take complete control over users, content, and applications on your network.

Intrusion Prevention
Best-in-class, easily configurable intrusion prevention. Updates daily and automatically via the cloud - with no need for manual updates.

Seamless Multi-Site Protection
Unique auto provisioning site-to-site Virtual Private Network connects your offices securely without tedious manual configuration.

Content Filtering
Protect users on your network from inappropriate or harmful content.

Advanced Malware Protection
Global threat protection during and after a malware attack, with a database of over 500 million known files and over 1.5 million new incoming file samples every day.

Internal Threat Protection
Employee productivity tasks, use of social media, online videos, and web browsing can expose your network to viruses and malware. Managed firewall services can deploy and configure applications that provide filtering and other protections against threats caused by employee activity.


Managed Routers

Our Managed Router service is designed for businesses that want enhanced network performance without the hassle and cost of day-to-day network administration. We use Cisco devices as they are ultra-reliable and highly configurable.

Easy Customisation
Moves, adds or changes are managed by our Help Desk team during business hours.

Hardware and Warranty
Includes hardware and warranty for term of contract and SMARTnet next-business-day replacement.

Cisco Integrated Services Routers form an intelligent platform that delivers the performance, security, and convergence capabilities designed for small and medium business:

  Cisco ISR 4321
The Cisco ISR 4321 revolutionizes Wide Area Network communications, providing intelligent software features, superior throughput and plus built-in intelligent network capabilities.
  Cisco ISR 1100 Dual GE WAN w/ LTE
The Cisco ISR 1100 combines internet access, comprehensive security and wireless services in a single, high-performance device. The routers are easy to deploy and manage, with cutting-edge capabilities.


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