Fibre Business Internet Provider in Melbourne | Get Faster Internet


Businesses of all sizes require fast, reliable internet to operate effectively.

Here are three great ways that a business grade data connection will benefit your business:

  Faster Speeds
Boost your office internet speed with a business grade connection and dedicated bandwidth.
  More Secure
Protect your business from threats with a managed connection and real-time network monitoring.
  Maximum Uptime
Our core network has never been down.


Accessible For All Businesses

NBN has changed the face of the Australian telecommunications landscape by removing the cost barriers to high speed internet for many small and medium businesses. Ask us about our unlimited data downloads over NBN and business grade NBN with better leves of service, speeds and fault restoration.


Affordable Australia Wide

We can provide your business with fast, affordable and secure internet.


Unparalleled Speeds

High speed fibre offers true business grade connectivity with speeds ranging from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps. Click here to check what's available.


Budget Friendly Options

If the NBN is not yet available in your area we have budget friendly options available - perfect for customers located less than 2km from their nearest exchange.


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