Protect Your Information



Automatic Threat Detection

Our network has protections against Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) built-in.

DDoS attacks are a common threat that many small and medium businesses are not protected from where hackers use artificial traffic to overwhelm a network's capacity, making it impossible for anyone to access or use it.

These types of attacks are incredibly common because they aren't complex for hackers to achieve, the number of devices to pinpoint and attack is high and this type of attack is cheap (some hackers have been known to take down entire networks for less than $100).

Our systems see where traffic comes from and automatically detect attacks within minutes. When it does, it directs incoming data through filters that remove ‘bad’ traffic, allowing the ‘good’ traffic to flow through to where it needs to go.


A Better Backup

Small and medium businesses notoriously don't back up as often as they should.

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • They may have concerns about using up their download limit.
  • They may lack confidence in the reliability of their network.
  • They may not want to compromise the speed of their connection.

Our network removes these concerns. With our NGN network you'll be able to backup more frequently, and reduce the risk of losing sensitive information.


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